Gongs Unlimited Stands for 20" to 48" Gongs

Gongs Unlimited Stands for 20" to 48" Gongs
You just bought a mid to large sized gong, and that’s sweet, because this has been a dream long in the making.


In your excitement, however, maybe you forgot the basics of gong care. A loving stroke, of course, a regular feeding schedule, and just as important, something to hold it, other than your hand.

So check out our gong stands! Your gong will be happy all the time, suspended by something that likes to hang out with it, waiting to emanate its brilliant vibrations out to the world.

We have a cornucopia of stands. They come in many sizes, materials, colors and prices, to allow you to have the perfect partner for your gong, and to allow your musical dream to grow!

Gongs Unlimited is also available to make custom stands, just reach out to us!