Gongs Unlimited Traditional Chinese Gongs

Gongs Unlimited Traditional Chinese Gongs

In this section, you’ll find our vast selection of Traditional Chinese Gongs, organized by style.

Gongs Unlimited carries many and most of the different styles of Traditional Chinese Gongs.

Each of these gongs was handmade by Chinese gong makers.
When they show up, we hand inspect and test each one thoroughly to make sure the sound and tone are excellent, just for you. We do not ship out bad ones.

The origin of most of these gongs go back hundreds, and with some, thousands of years; they are a large part of Chinese culture. When you play one, you’re hearing similar sounds that our ancestor’s ancestors heard.

These gongs at Gongs Unlimited range from 6” up to 52”, offering a wide spectrum of volumes, tones and resonances. Some of these gongs are perfect for home or office use, others are optimum for meditation assistance or classroom presence.

At Gongs Unlimited, we want you to be thrilled with your purchase. Our passionate staff is available to help you with anything, gong-related or not.

If you have questions, concerns or parables to share, contact us! We’d love to hear from you.