6" to 20" Small Gongs Unlimited Chinese Gongs WITHOUT Stands

6" to 20" Small Gongs Unlimited Chinese Gongs WITHOUT Stands

This section contains Small Chinese gongs, ranging from 6 to 20 inches: the perfect mix of sound, price and convenience.

Gongs Unlimited carries an apparently unlimited amount of smaller Chinese gongs, crafted by expert gong makers in the city of Wuhan, which is in the nation of China.

These gongs are perfect for home and office use, or even a rabbit warren, provided it is a fictional rabbit, that might speak in a British accent. They are easily moved around with strong tones that don’t overpower a small space.

Every gong you’ll find here is handmade, making each one unique. There are similarities within type and size, of course, but each is special. Here at Gongs Unlimited, we listen to every gong we receive, making sure they sound just right, before we ship them to you.

We carry traditional Chinese gongs, as well as our exclusive, custom designed gongs that no one else can give you: the Mother Tesla, Dark Star, Chocolate Drop, Atlantis and the Asteroid Belt.

Our customer service is top-notch and top drawer. We’ll put on a top hat and move metaphorical mountains to make sure you’re pleased with your new gong. Let us help you get your perfect gong. If you have questions, or just want to chat gongs, contact us!