Gongs Unlimited Gong Bag for 52" Gongs

Gongs Unlimited Gong Bag for 52" Gongs
Item# gu-gongbag52
Retail Price: $175.00
Gongs Unlimited Price: $130.00
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Gongs Unlimited has the gong bags you need and love.

In the large sizes you need. And the smaller ones too!

The Gongs Unlimited Gong Bag makes it easy to transport your gong from one place to another in a safe and enjoyable way.

Our fabric gong bags have quality stitching, shoulder straps and side handles. They are soft and full of padding to keep your gong safe from harm. These bags are great for traveling in town from home to studio or wherever you may roam!

This is the gong bag that your gong wants to be in!!!

Zip that Gong in and GO!!!

If you are using public transportation that requires you to check your luggage- a plane, a train, or a dirigible- this bag will not do. Please look at our various Gong Hard Cases for that sort of travel.

Or feel free to call us at 402-474-GONG (4664).