SOLD OUT Yellow Friction Gong Mallet by TTE Konklang - Short Handle (4KAC)

SOLD OUT Yellow Friction Gong Mallet by TTE Konklang - Short Handle (4KAC)
Item# tte-KK-4KaC
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Mallet Weight:
43 gr / 1.5 oz

Mallet Head Diameter: 41 mm / 1.6 in
Handle Length: 11.4 cm / 4.5 in
Handle Diameter: 5 mm / .2 in

Mallet Specifications:
Mallet Head Material: Natural Latex Rubber
Mallet Head Texture: Roughened
Handle Material: Elastic Fiberglass Plastic
Mallet Head Color: Yellow
Handle Color: Blue


This beautiful mallet is comparable to the #4 Yin Yang Edition 5 (Thick) Friction Mallet. However, we have noticed a few differences:

This mallet was designed for children, or that child that still lives inside all of us. So, of course, it is brightly colored, luring you to pick it up and enjoy it's sound creations! It's handle is shorter than it's Yin Yang relative. Lastly, it is SLIGHTLY less dense.

Please note this mallet is not UV stabilized. That means the color will fade if left in the direct sunlight.

The maker of this mallet has suggested this mallet for singing bowls and gongs. We enjoy its versatility.

We have been working to get these in the USA for a while. It is a complex dance. Our price in the combination of having to get them all in from Europe, with the Euro to USD exchange rate, bank fees, then the shipping price, and then the customs and duties taxes.