Ollihess Gong Mallet L355 (Yellow)

Ollihess Gong Mallet L355 (Yellow)
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This Ollihess L335 is comparable to a Paiste M4 or a M5 mallet.

This mallet is lighter, however, and the weight is more evenly distributed than the Paiste mallet, which holds much of its weight in the mallet head.

Weight: 355 g / 12 oz
Total Length: 38 cm / 15 in
Handle Diameter: 2 cm / .86 in
Handle Length: 30 cm / 11.5 in
Mallet Head Diameter: 10 cm / 4 in
Mallet Head Height: 9 cm / 3.5 in
Material: Beech biologically waxed / Fleece

These Ollihess Gong Mallets are made in Germany with love. They are lighter in weight and have smaller heads to allow for more varied sounds. Why? Because heavier mallets and heads can restrict the sonic flavors you can pull out of your gong. Ollihess mallets are designed to help you create many more beautiful tones with your gong.

The Professional Gong mallet 355 L is the largest in the series. It is designed to fully flourish your gong or even large singing bowls. Despite the low weight it can obtain a great depth and warm sound. The handle runs at the end of a little thicker, so that the Mallet better in the hand.

See this size Ollihess mallet played on a 40 inch gong!