Three Pairs of Gloves for German Gongs - FREE SHIPPING

Three Pairs of Gloves for German Gongs - FREE SHIPPING
Item# gu-gloves
Retail Price: $15.00
Gongs Unlimited Price: $12.50
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Men's Medium / Woman's Large

Your Paiste Gong.
Your Meinl Gong.
Sensitive metal that shouldn't have fingerprints and all their oils on them. Those fingerprints besides making the gong look less beautiful have oils that can eventually eat through the wax covering on the front of the gong, or cause decay on the back of the gong.

If you plan to move your gong a lot, lifting and changing it to various stands, it is a good idea to protect your gong by wearing gloves.

Don't give your metal the finger!
Allow your Paiste or Meinl gong to be pristine for longer.
Have some cotton gloves available.

We sell these in sets of three - due to their low cost, but the shipping cost would be the same for 1 or 3 pairs. So have a pair at home, in the car, and at the studio, all for the same price!