11" Fong Gong (Opera Style - Pitch Bend Gong)

11" Fong Gong (Opera Style - Pitch Bend Gong)
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Love for a person must extend to the crows on his roof.
-Chinese proverb

Although in contemporary times the Lan Kwai Fong district of Hong Kong GONG GONG GONG is host to restaurants, night clubs and dance halls frequented by expats, in the early days of its existence, the area was filled with matchmakers or "marriage arrangers."

These mui yan (translated as "intermediary persons") were exclusively female and served to broker marriages between two families. GONG GONG GONG

Much like the young lady pictured at the top of the page, poised to bring the mallet to meet her FONG GONG and have the CONNECTION produce a tone of beauty.... the mui yan would work to ensure that matches between potential spouses would proceed with decorum and alacrity, hopefully resulting in an outcome such as the one pictured below.

While not all arranged marriages necessarily achieved such a romantic ideal, or as photogenic a look, the idea of romance is still an ideal that has many in hot pursuit of this idyllic post-platonic relationship.

You would not think it, but the 11 inch Fong Gong can prove most handy in such an endeavor.

It is an opera-style Chinese gong, meaning it has pitch-bending capabilities producing a tone which can rise and then fall, much like the vagaries of love.

Wherever lovers' hearts beat, attempting to reach synchronicity, the Fong Gong can provide a way towards harmony.

For it is as Shakespeare (the Confucius of England) once said, in agreement with the proverb quoted above, "The course of true love never did run smooth". Sometimes paths are crossed without the knowledge that a lover has trod that very route.

But with the 11" Fong gong a tone can be rung out to let potential lovers know there is love to be had. Let the gong ring as a beacon, to (sonically) light the path, to bring two hearts together and to make a perfect match. It is a dream devoutly to be wished.


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