The eGong Wand - For Mystical Sounds

The eGong Wand - FREE SHIPPING
The eGong Wand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! These E Gong Wands ARE ALL THE SAME SIZE...
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"Just wanted to report in that I received my eGong wand last week. Whoa....

Already, I have written it into a piece I am composing.

I took it down to the head of percussion's studio and he said he'd order some this weekend. There were a couple of students hanging around who wanted them, too.

I'm giving a Tibetan Singing Bowl concert in a couple of weeks where I'll use them. It works well on only a few bowls, but when it works... Yowza.

Now I'm going to have to buy some bigger gongs. I can't stop playing with it. I wonder where I can buy some gongs..."

Dr. Carolyn Bremer
Chair, Bob Cole Conservatory
Cal State Long Beach

Look! It's JT from Relaxsonic!

Sweet, Wild and Abstruse
eGong Wand Instructions

1. Hold the wand not tight, not loose between your thumb and forefinger with the eye of the 'e' facing away from you.

2. Place the curve of the head (the part that is above the eye of the 'e') against the back of your Paiste gong (or either side of Chinese Gong) and drag in the same way as a normal super ball mallet (Brits call it a "flumi.")

3. Holding the handle lower and higher will alter the pitch. PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN. IT IS A USEFUL NOTE.

5. Keep the head of the eGong Wand clean. (Just like the head of other things.)

Cleaning is very simple.
Just hold the head of the eGong Wand under a tap and rinse with a slow flow of cold or warm water for about 10 seconds twisting the head from side to side and then just leave it to dry naturally.

This eGong wand is much more durable than normal super ball mallets and very easy to achieve a very soft low note as well as very loud notes.

Please do not use it on the front of the chrome Paiste Brilliant Gongs but please do use it on the rear of Paiste Brilliant Gongs.

Please do not use it on the outer edge of Paiste Gongs and is possible to leave a slight mark in this area. And really the sound is inferior on that outer ring area.