Engrave Gongs up to 48"

Engrave Gongs up to 48"
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Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Engraving Basics:

Any regular English letters or numbers we can do without much from you. We have many fonts available.

Take a look at dafont.com.

It is best not to choose a font that is very curvy, or looks distressed, etc.

If you want your business logo engraved, we need them in a file format called "eps"... your graphics dept or computer pals can help you with this. (JPEGS just don't usually cut it. Though we can do Adobe Illustrator files and PDFs usually.)

We ALSO can take certain images and prepare them, redraw them with our highly trained monkeyboy and hellokittygirl artists, for engraving into an eps file, but it adds a little to the price because of time.

Let's be clear, the engraving service takes a LITTLE EXTRA TIME.
Most of the year the whole process takes an extra week.
At certain parts of the year our engravers are so busy, it can take 10 business days.
NO OVERNIGHT ORDERS for engraving! Sorry.

But it's not that expensive!


ALL above engravings copyright their respective owners, so no copying of them, because that is a copywrong!

PLEASE NOTE: We always do art proofs before we engrave, however they are not for free. Often the art costs up

General Gong Engraving fees:

To give you a general idea... it all depends on the time it takes them to do it. Complex designs can cost more.

*For simple and easy designs, on smaller gongs, the engraving fees are usually from $65 to $80 USD.
*For more complex designs the engraving fees can be about $75 to $100 USD.
*Some really really complex designs cannot even be done.
We have done dragon scales, dragons with detailed dragon bellies and they cost about $250..

Once again, it depends on how complex the art work is. You could have a large gong with simple artwork and it's not too bad... Or a small gong with difficult art and that would be more... Or one where we had to process a lot of artwork for you.

How we charge for your gong and the engraving:

On more complex art works, we usually do engraved gongs with two charges.

One for the gong and shipping, to begin the process and art proofs, and then a final charge once we know the engraving cost.


Because it is based on time! Not size or design.. and that changes with each item.

Our estimates above are usually right on. We have been doing engraving of gongs since 2005, so we know things, and we totally keep you in the loop the whole way.

Engraving can't be done on every gong we sell. But MOST of our gongs can be engraved, if you want.

If you're interested in engraving your gong, call us with questions at 402-474-GONG, or please email us by clicking ENGRAVE MY BIG BRONZE and we'll answer all your questions!