26" Chocolate Drop Gong on the Deeper Meaning Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

26" Chocolate Drop Gong on the Deeper Meaning Gong Stand  - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with a gong, gong stand and gong mallet.

Gong Stand Measurements
Width At Top: 49"
Width At Floor: 41 ½"
Height: 47 ½"
Foot Depth: 15 ¾"

The 26 Chocolate Drop Gong is a wonderful instrument, with a deep tone and a quick crash. Its very similar to the Chau gong, though the darker ring on the outside of the Chau has been lathed off, so it gets brighter in tone, more easily.

What is deep meaning, gong customer? And why is it the name of the gong stand? Because when you look at this stand, you get a chance at a Deeper Meaning.

Think of your commute to work in the morning.

Youre tired, your eyes are still kinda puffy and the snarled traffic isnt doing you any favors.

Youre waiting at a light in a turn lane. Youre annoyed, because youre at least ten minutes late, and youd rather that not be the case. You watch a red 1998 Nissan Eclipse zoom past you in the next lane, get near the light and signal to turn into your lane, trying to skip the line. Get ahead of the wait.

No! you yell. You stupid doodyhead!

But then something happens.

The light changes and the cars in front of you start moving, but they all stay close to one another, not allowing the Nissan in. It keeps happening, the Nissan inching closer but a gap big enough never revealing itself to the doodyhead.

Finally- your turn. You pass the Nissan as well and turn. You look back to see the Eclipse merge in after traffic has cleared, but not in time to make the light and turn. He didn't get to cheat ahead.

Driving away, you ponder and are reminded of the deeper struggle of the individual that Ayn Rand presented in her Objectivist philosophy. For some reason, Morning Zoo radio gets you thinking about The Fountainhead. Every man should provide for himself and revel in his own achievement, and not give out or receive unearned respect.

That Eclipse asked for unearned respect, and was denied, in the way Rand suggested.

But then you think, did you stand in the way of the doodyheads philosophy? Are you treading on his liberty of free thought by stopping the way he wanted to drive?

Is there even a solution? Robot cars? Free Public Transportation. Should we even get out of bed in the morning?

Eventually your mind settles the argument with itself, and you continue to work. The deeper meaning? Dont drive like an asshole.

The Deeper Meaning Gong Stand wants to give you that kind of understanding in other situations in your life, by protecting and helping bring the best out of your instrument.