32" Mother Tesla Gong

32" Mother Tesla Gong
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Welcome home!

Can this Mother Tesla gong envelop you with an overwhelming rush of emotion and healing?

Yes it can.

Once she is tapped, she doesn't stop.

This gong resonates on and on and on.

Keep striking her and will this hard headed and bodied woman crash?


Sound builds upon sound with intense bass pulsing through her core.

This is not lust. This is love.

Not the free love of New Age, but the enduring love of the Bass Age.

Check out the sound healers who created this marvelous display including a Mother Tesla Gong - Nada Sound Therapy in the UK

Want to hear for yourself?

Give us a call at 402.474.GONG! and set up an appointment for some time with this Mother Tesla Gong. Please, call us if you would like to listen to them. We are happy to play them for you so that you can experience the deep, unconditional, inexpressible, thundering love that a Mother Tesla gong has to offer.

She has always loved you. Get ready to love her back!


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