40" Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong on Meinl Metal Pro Stand (G40-WX/TMGS-2)

40" Meinl Sonic Energy Wu Xing Gong on Meinl Metal Pro Stand (G40-WX/TMGS-2)
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PLEASE NOTE: This gong and stand combination does not include a gong mallet.
Email or call +1.402.474.GONG to chat about best mallets for this gong. THANKS!

Pictured above is the 32" Wu Xing Gong. The 40" is slightly larger in proportion to the stand.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE, the 40 inch MEINL Gong is sold with the heavier duty Meinl Metal Gong Stand which can hold bigger and heavier gongs. It is the gong stand that is used as the basis for the double gong stand.


The 40" Meinl Wu Xing Gong:

Diameter: 40" / 101cm
Pitch: G1 G1#

Via Meinl:

"The MEINL Wu Xing Gongs are made in Germany in the European gong-making tradition. These gongs are tuned with a greater frequency range that allows them to produce complex tones and beautiful harmonies within themselves. And because each one is handcrafted, the gong makers ensure that these gongs will clearly speak from a soft whisper to a deep roar.

The name Wu Xing comes from an old Chinese phrase that is translated as the five elements of life. It is from these elements that gongs are created and used to balance life within the universe."


The Meinl Metal Pro Gong Stand:

Gong Stand Measurements:
Width of Base: 32"
Depth of Feet:25"
The gong hangs about 14" from back pole

From the makers of Meinl Gongs, a.k.a. tam-tams, comes a great, solid and smooth gong stand for all your playing needs.

It doesn't make noise from the pieces banging each others... but please remember to tighten the bolts firmly, Mr. and Mrs. Gong Player of Any Orchestra USA.

Gongs up to 40" in diameter can be hung from this great stand!

You can adjust the height! You can get the hanger down to approximately 45" and up to approximately 75" high off the ground.

Via Meinl:

"The MEINL Gong/Tam Tam Stand is engineered in a strong frameless manner, in order for one to play a Gong or Tam Tam very easily. Furthermore the stand can be adjusted in height from a very low position up to a high position."