24" Meinl Venus Planetary Tuned Gong on the Meinl Wood Stand (G24-V/TMWGS-M) - SOLD OUT

24" Meinl Venus Planetary Tuned Gong on the Meinl Wood Stand (G24-V/TMWGS-M) - SOLD OUT
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PLEASE NOTE: This gong and stand combination does not include a gong mallet.
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Width of Base: 44
Width of Top: 45.5"
Height: 43
Depth of Feet: 18"
Inner Width between verticals: 35.5"
From Bottom of Hooks to the Floor: 37"

Hello! This is a photo of the new design of the Meinl Wood Stand. We have not had a chance to redo all our photographs of our gong combos on this new gong stand. This is what the gong stand will look like that you are purchasing. Same Gong. Same Mallet. Same Wood on the stand. Just a little different look.

The MEINL Planetary Tuned Gongs

Via Meinl:

"The MEINL planetary tuned Gongs are made in Germany in the European gong-making tradition. Using the calculations of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave) to match the frequencies of the sun, moon, and planets, each gong is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency. These gongs are handcrafted by the gong makers to respond with great sensitivity in all playing applications. Their mysterious sound comes from the countless hours spent hand-working the metal. It is atmospheric and soothing. They are available in 24/61cm up to 36/91cm in diameter."


24" / 61cm

221,23 Hz / A2

A4/a' 440 Hz → 442,46 Hz


Pluggable Stand made from Beach Wood.

Gong / Tam Tam Wood Stand

Medium up to 32" / 81cm gong / tam tam size