Classic Matt Nolan Gong #2

Classic Matt Nolan Gong #2
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This gong comes with a traditional Chinese mallet.

Gong Diameter: 11"

This beautiful gong is perfect for adding a little splash and flash to your life. Suitable for sitting on the porch, soaking up the sun and watching the light dance on the face of the gong, then slowing stretching your hand out for your handy mallet and awakening the gong. Ah, sound. Ah, silence. Ah, here you are.

It's also perfect for sound washes. On rainy days, come inside and splash this sound over someone you care for or don't care for. We all need sunshine in our souls. May you feel it with this Matt Nolan gong.

From the website of Matt Nolan Custom: What began as a hobby with a blowtorch and bare feet in the kitchen soon snowballed into a near-obsessive fascination with sound and sculptural form. He now works full time creating metal percussion instruments by hand.

This gong is and was only the beginning!