Ocean Drums & Rainsticks

Ocean Drums & Rainsticks
Gongs Unlimited has an ocean of soothing sound for you.

We offer both ocean drums and rainsticks, which capture the sound of water in their own way, so you can add it to your soundscape. These products are perfect additions to your gong meditations and beyond that, work as a beautiful addition to any room while not in use.

Ocean drums, some handmade in Nepal, feature imagery ranging from yin yangs to aquatic life, matching with the sound and enhancing the experience for everyone involved. The instrument is played by shifting the drums around in your hands at different speeds, allowing you to listen to a calm day at the beach, or hear the waves crashing around you.

Rainsticks allow a shortcut to serenity, soothing nature, a healing rainstorm only seconds away. Whatever your need, we have the rainstick for you. One, the Monsoon, even keeps the sound going for a full 25 seconds, allowing you to easily play your gong with the rain.

Let the healing wash over you!