Recommendations of Gong Recordings

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The world is blessed with many musicians, meditators and healers creating great sounds with Gongs Unlimited's favorite instruments - gongs and singing bowls!

The Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited are supporting this work by making it easier for you to learn and listen to them and, if you are entranced, purchase the recordings!

We have organized these recordings by artist, types of recordings, and similar. To hear the music when on a page, click on the links that lead to the recordings on Amazon or iTunes.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide simple reviews and information on these recordings and artists. We are not critics. We merely want to support this music and meditation by providing a hub where we can easily share with anyone who might be interested.

PLEASE NOTE THIS TOO: This is an ever-evolving section. WE ARE HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU WITH MORE RECOMMENDATIONS. If you have a recording you love, or if you are an artist or healer and would like to be included here, please contact us.

PLEASE NOTE THIS THREE: If you notice any of our information is incorrect or outdated, or links don't work, please let us know. If you use Adblocker, sometimes the links may not appear in your view. You will have to disable it on that page to see the link.