Chalklin GM2 Medium Gong Mallet

Chalklin GM2 Medium Gong Mallet
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Yes! It's Angie, who spreads our spreadsheets, who hacks through our Amazon jungle, who is focused like a laser on numbers and columns... And she is holding the Chalklin GM2 mallet.

The GM2 Mallet by Chalklin in the UK is a marvelous medium mallet, with a wood handle and the synthetic lambswool head many gong players associated with Paiste Mallets.

Chalklin still makes many of Paiste's higher numbered Mallets for sound plates and other tuned mallet percussion.
So you know you are getting a high quality delightful gong mallet for your needs.

Head diameter - approx 3.25 to 3.5 inches
Handle length - approx 11.25 inches

The Chalklin GM2 works on many size gongs and is optimal for 24 to 30 inch gongs

Its head diameter most closely matches the Paiste M3 and M4 Gong Mallet. The height of the head is about 2/3rd the height of the Paiste Mallet.

From Chalklin Promotional Information: Chalklin mallets (established 1971) are the result of intensive research and development and have evolved from meetings and discussions with the foremost players and teachers both at home and abroad, listening to and realising their individual ideas and practical requirements. Utilising the finest materials carefully hand-crafted by highly-skilled artisans these fine quality, time-tested products are approved and distributed across the globe by leading international wholesalers / retailers. Appreciated and endorsed by amateurs and professionals alike Chalklin presents a mallet for every percussionistís need.

In developing his extensive range of percussion mallets Paul Chalklin has drawn on his wide experience as teacher, orchestral/session musician and technician and is motivated by the belief that percussion products of quality enough to satisfy the exacting demands of professional musicians can be produced at realistic prices. The materials used and the craftsmanship employed keep these aims constantly in mind.