Wuhan Cymbal Stand Gong Adapter (WUWGH)

Wuhan Cymbal Stand Gong Adapter (WUWGH)
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Oh Drummers!
Oh Percussionists
Oh People with a Cymbal Stand that Uncle Geoff left them in his will along with a pile of coupons to Red Lobster,
wheels to a golf cart and a goalie mask he wore on Halloween once!
Geoff had a snare drum too, but he left that to this woman he used to talk to at the bar, who really liked a band he liked.

OH FOLKS! Sometimes you have to expand the repertoire!
Sometimes you do need to hang a gong from your cymbal stand.
And when you need to, you need to.
And then you need the right part to do that.

The People at Wuhan worked many years, using many pieces of paper and pencils to design this gong adapter.
Yes! It was done old school, none of the CAD drawing or Powerpoints you have become so used to. None of the take a photo on your cell phone and deposit a check at the bank and then take down the government with a series of tweets.

They drew and hammered and made molds and jigs, for they knew gongs needed to hang from cymbal stands! They bent things with their fingers and hands, put metal in their teeth! They exclaimed and cried over beers and meat sausages. They tried and practiced and didn't sleep much until they figured it out.

Oh MARTIN LUTHER! You changed so much... abut you could not change this Gong Adapter for a Cymbal Stand...

It has stood the test of time; it may well be here long after us humans are gone.

So strong and complete it is, it needs no celebrity endorser.... it only needs you, your gong, and your cymbal stand!