SOLD OUT! - 4.5" Plain Burma Bell from Thailand

SOLD OUT! - 4.5" Plain Burma Bell from Thailand
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We here at Gongs Unlimited have gathered a collection of these beautiful Burma Bells (Straight from Burma) that we are willing to sell for a great deal! Just for you guys!

Yes, our Burma Bells from Thailand (also known as Kyeezees) come with a wooden striker and string or rope.

Bell Measurements (Approx):
Width : 4.5"
Weight : 1 oz

As they are handmade, there is always a slight variance in size and tone.

The Kyeezee is triangular shaped metal plate chime, with elaborate curved lines and can have a cultural or spiritual engraving. (Please visit our engraved kyeezee section to see those.).

Please note:
A) They do not all have the same pitch
B) They are much louder in real life versus the videos in their descriptions. AND MORE OVERTONES CAN BE HEARD.

Gorgeous and long lasting in clarity and tone.

The history of Kyeezees, a.k.a. Burma Bell, is complex and deep.

Below is an excerpt from Far Cathay and Farther India (1893) by Alexander Buxton MacMahon which shows how meaningful and valuable the kyeezee has been. From getting back a captive, to an item to salve the pain from being jilted by your lover, the kyeezee was there.

"Their passion for the possession of kyeezees is so pronounced that it is said instances are by no means rare of their bartering their children and other near re lations for them, in subservience to a superstition that the deep-sounding note of these monotoned instruments propitiates the Nats and averts evil from themselves. In the settlement of serious quar rels, or in the redemption of captives, the in demnity with them always takes the shape of a kyeezee, with buffaloes and pigs as a make weight, just as in Western countries a concession of territory or perhaps some men-of-war is in- sisted on. In their social disputes also it forms an important feature, for according to Dr. Mason a girl who has been jilted can claim from her false lover a kyeezee for her body, another for her head, and a gong to cover her face for shame."