3" Japanese Buddhist Bell - Hiro - Wide Bell

3" Japanese Buddhist Bell - Hiro - Wide Bell
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Yes, this comes with bowl, pillow, and inviter stick.

"Hiro" is the name of the Wide Bell in Japanese.

The unique bell-bowls are handmade in Japan. They produce a delicate, delightful tone when lightly struck, as well as layers of other tones if you play it like a singing bowl.

They are a type of bronze, being made mostly of copper with a slight amount of tin.

They may appear to be of a small diameter, but they are a nice thick metal and are strong with a strong tone.

The small company that makes them in Japan has been making specialty Buddhist items for hundreds of years.

The Japanese Name for this bowl is called "Orin."

Japanese and Buddhists will play this bowl for their ancestors and read their sutras.

This bell makes the mind calm before starting the sutra.

If you are a strict Buddhist, you would place or store this bell-bowl in front of your altar. If you were invoking a Buddhist God or one of your ancestors, you would play the bell first and then read a sutra. Before you read the sutra, you strike the bell as a sign of starting the sutra. After you complete the sutra, you strike the bell to signal the end of the sutra.

The above directions are for the strict Buddhist.

HOWEVER....People of all religions or beliefs can use these bells.

The bell makers suggest they an heal a grieving heart. When people think of a loved one who has passed, or a difficult situation, or issue they would like to forgive, the bell can be struck and it can make the heart and mind calm. They can pray or meditate with calm heart and soothed mind.