SOLD 14.5" Radiant Conception Gong by Ryan Shelledy - SOLD OUT

SOLD 14.5" Radiant Conception Gong by Ryan Shelledy - SOLD OUT
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This is a one-of-a-kind custom made, bronze gong crafted by Ryan Shelledy. (We include a simple Chinese Mallet with it.)

Besides, its stunning look, this 14.5 inch gong is made of bronze. It holds its tones beautifully. With a weight just under 4 lbs, the nipple when struck resounds a A# in the 3rd Octave, right around 239 Hz.


To be radiant is to send out light or heat in various directions. Or in this case sound, for this gong is infused with the light of creation.

In the beginning, there was the Word (so They say) and to say the Word you needed Sound.... And that Sound was so radiant, that Word so incredible, it created our Universe.

This gong, and you, are made from that sound, and all the energies that radiated out.

Reconnect to your spiritual conception, via this gong. Reach back through the radiance of billions of years, and hear that sound. Remind yourself of what and why God uttered that Word.

ALL APOLOGIES: The recording below, done on an iPad is not a perfect, exceptional presentation of this gong, but we wanted to make this sweet gong available sooner rather than later. Sometimes it is hard to get the extra time to record extra perfectly.