9" Black Engraved Singing Bowl with Buddha Relief - FREE SHIPPING

9" Black Engraved Singing Bowl with Buddha Relief - FREE SHIPPING
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This item comes ONLY with bowl and striker. It does not come with pillow.

Diameter: 9"
Height: 5"
Weight: 3 lbs

Bowls, man, or woman. Theyíre great.

Cereal bowls are great. You just woke up and youíre confused, because you just woke up. You wander your home in an ethereal state, caught between the waking world and your dreamscape. Your brain is reluctant to tip back into full consciousness, where itíll have to deal with the stresses and responsibilities of your self-described adulthood and reality.

You pour a hulking bowl of Raisin Bran. Still caught between sleep and everything else, you chow down. Ah, the sweet sugar hitting your blood stream. Itís worth it; you will soon poop out a storm and you can wake up a bit more and decide you can deal with whatever comes your way.

This cereal bowl launches you, centers you, and a smile forms on your face.
A cereal bowl is a vessel to help you be your best every morning.

The Super Bowl is pretty great, too.

We get to see like 30 huge hulking dudes paid extremely handsomely to huck footballs and push each other over. You, meanwhile, attempt to match the diet of these sumo-like behemoths and eat two bags of Rold Gold Tiny Twists. (The second bag doesn't count, you say because you didnít pour the loitering salt into your mouth, after finishing the actual pretzels.)

The Super Bowl is a vessel that allows you to study carefully, War, in a microcosm.

You realize that War is terrible, but the Super Bowl is great.

Two teams battle and sacrifice their bodies and brains to achieve victory, and the rest of us watch the theater of sport. In their struggles, we can study much smaller elements of war, allowing to ponder the concept of warfare in modern days.

Is war only beneficial to capitalism? What are the values beneath the values that propel us into aggression to our fellow humans? What is this idea of ďlegend,Ē of leaving a lasting mark, in the larger spectrum of time? Are we all not uniformed?

We are but a blink, and these pretzels taste salty great. Nummmmm.

It makes sense, then, that the 9Ē Engraved Singing Bowl with Buddha Relief is another great bowl.

You canít eat out of it, and itís too small to play football in, but it doesnít need to be either of those.

Just look into this bowl at the engraving of Buddha and youíll see what this ceramic singing bowl is all about.

Using the free bowl mallet included, you can give this bowl a tap, then run it along the rim to create an incredible, fierce clean tone. Then call over 15 friends to listen to its rich overtones with you. Itís remarkably easy to play, doing all the work and then some.

Like its cousins, the Cereal and Super, the 9Ē Engraved Singing Bowl is a vessel.

Itís going to take you to place free of stress, of anxiety and of bummers. Climb on in.