used paiste gongs - ON CONSIGNMENT none available currently

used paiste gongs - ON CONSIGNMENT none available currently
Item# paiste-used-gongs
Availability: Usually ships the next business day


The owner of the gong will ship the gong directly to you. We are merely the helper here.

Let us explain how this works in order to protect you, the buyer.

You pay us, Gongs Unlimited, and once we have the money in our account, we alert the seller to ship to you. We hold it in escrow, basically. We have them ship through our account so we can track it and have it insured.

Once you get the gong, you check it out. Make sure you like them. You give us the okay and then we release the money to the gong seller.

If for some reason you are not happy with the gong, we are happy to discuss that. If it is a legitimate reason, like the gong has a flaw, versus, it just doesn't match my wallpaper, you can ship the gong back and we will refund you your purchase price, less the credit card processing fee of 3% if applicable.

We have done this several times and never had a problem. Every buyer has been happy.

Please call us if you are interested at +1.402.474.GONG(4664) or email us.

Hello Fine Paiste Gong Customers: USED PAISTE GONGS?!

On small cosmic occasion the planets align themselves perfectly in the predawn sky. The vibrations from this celestial phenomenon are sent to the aether and from the aether arises an opportunity! An opportunity in the form of a gong for you!

This is not a new gong, it is a high quality gong who has lived and seen (merely a small piece) of the world, a gently used gong searching for a new family.

Just as we have no control over the universe we have no control or notion of when this rare event will happen, the only way to experience this special occasion is to regularly check this section of our website.

Someday your dreams will carry you into your next stage of life with a Paiste gong by your side!

Peace In,