20" x 30" Ashtamangala Design #4 - FREE SHIPPING

20" x 30" Ashtamangala Design #4 - FREE SHIPPING
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20"x30" Woven Wall Hanging

An Ashtamangala is a collection of eight auspicious Buddhist symbols. The symbols come from Indian iconography, and are especially popular in Tibetan Buddhism.

The symbols represent the gifts that were presented to Buddha after he reached enlightenment. They are little reminders of bliss that can be reached at any time.

When all these symbols are together on one cloth, watch out! Each of their strengths are multiplied and coincide to create some awesome auspicious decor.

Can you spy with your little eye, the eight auspicious symbols?

1. The Conch Shell (sankha): Unlike Sanka, the decaffeinated beverage, sankha wakes those who slumber. The sound that awakens us to our purpose.

2. Endless Knot (shrivasta): The infinite nature of Buddha that reminds us that all of life is connected; physical and spiritual, empty and full. In the space between the tensions, here we are.

3. Golden Fishes (suvarnamatsya): Good fortune, fertility, and happiness in the freedom to swim through all channels of life and learning without fear. You can breath underwater!

4. Lotus (padma) - Mental and spiritual purity of the blossom growing through dirty, dirty water. Golden fish poos help wholesome deeds blossom.

5. Parasol (chattra) - Royalty and spiritual power which come from being under the protective expanse of the sky (and perhaps hallucinogenic mushrooms).

6. Urn (kalasha) - Spiritual and material abundance in the Space that holds all that is.

7. Wheel (dharmachakra) - The teachings of the Buddha and the chakra which spins and moves the teachings through our bodies.

8. Victory Banner (dhvaja) - Victory wisdom over ignorance and the eleven ways to overcome defilement.

Life is what it is! No thing with every thing! Delightful and incomprehensible at the same time.

When the contrasts of life have you confounded and your head is pounding and your heart is growing cold, it is good to aim your vision at the wall and say....

Ashtamangala, baby.