ArchAngel Gabriel Prayer Gong on the High C Gong Stand

ArchAngel Gabriel Prayer Gong on the High C Gong Stand
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Yes, each gong comes with gong stand and gong mallet.
They are sold separately or you can purchase all four at once.

Gong Diameter: 8"
Gong Stand Measurements:
11" length
15" height
10" width

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Hello to you, Spirit!

Yes, we are all spirits... who happen to be having a experience in a human body right now. (At least we assume so if you are reading this!)
And this human experience over lifetimes, includes feeling separated from God and then becoming the Prodigal Son or Prodigal Daughter... and returning, and reconnecting to the Source, the Creator, Supreme Being, Allah, Yahweh, God. (Choose the name you prefer.)

It also includes when on our path receiving help and guidance from healing spirits and angels. You are not left hanging out to dry, left out in the wilderness alone. You only think that.

All you have to do is call them. Call for help.

That is why Gongs Unlimited created our ArchAngel Prayer Gongs to be helpful in this spiritual communication, in meditation, prayer and healing.

Arch- is a prefix from the Greek language that means leading, or head or chief. Hence we often associate the ArchAngels with being leaders of Angels.

We don't claim to be experts in the various levels of angels like Seraphim and Cherubim and others, and where the ArchAngels fit into the hierarchy, but the Head Mallethead at Gongs Unlimited knows when he has clairvoyantly watched Archangel Michael at work... that Archangel Michael was pretty hardcore powerful! And the healing he received from Uriel was also of the "take no prisoners" type. And Raphael is a very focused and effective spiritual healer. And Gabriel! Of course, the wonderful Gabriel.

Although, not all of the Archangels are named in the canonical Bible, just Michael and Gabriel, there are other traditions that speak of seven of them.

We decided for our initial group of ArchAngel Gongs to go with the most famous four.

Their healing and communication is of Love, a strong love. They are "senior" to most of the deleterious energies that would keep you in darkness or away from the truth.

When you meditate to calm your mind and emotions and find your space, or when you pray for help or healing, allow the tone of the ArchAngel gong to help you, allow yourself to call the Archangel associated with the gong.

All these gongs have been blessed and set energetically by the ArchAngels to help you connect with them and your healing guides and the angelic realms and of course, God.

Who are they? These Angels? Some brief notes below. Obviously these are not comprehensive.

Archangel Gabriel

The gong he is pictured on is an 8 inch Wind Gong, which has an bright fun tone, that when struck harder can give a little bit of a splash.
This gong has a bit of a "wake-up call" to its tone, which works well with who Gabriel is - he is well known as a messenger from God to us.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, Gabriel appeared to the prophet Daniel, and explained his visions. In the New Testament, in Luke, Gabriel appeared to Zecharias and the virgin Mary, doing some foretelling of the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. In the Koran, Archangel Gabriel is a prime moving force, appearing to the Prophet Mohammed with the command from God to declare His Oneness to the idolaters of the world, and to deliver the message of peace to humanity.

Gabriel is pictured with a horn regularly, because it symbolizes his making us aware of, trumpeting, God's return to Earth.

Gabriel is also often depicted presenting a lily to the Virgin Mary when he told her she would be bringing Jesus into the world. It is known as the Annunciation Lily, and for that we have depicted Gabriel holding it as well.


Our ArchAngel Gongs were designed by a young Nebraska artist specifically for our gongs. We chose a simple design. Not only does this work better design wise, on a gong, it also allows you to focus on the energy of the archangel, and not get caught up in the visual spectacle.

These images are printed on the gongs using a process that involves ultraviolet light, NOT silkscreen, so they are on the gongs in a more permanent manner.