22" Antique Thai Gong on American Garuda Gong Stand | One-of-a-Kind!

22" Antique Thai Gong on American Garuda Gong Stand | One-of-a-Kind!
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Hello Connoisseurs of the Gong and all things Asian and Thai!

Yes, this item, the Antique Thai Gong on American Garuda Gong Sand comes with the gong, this custom made gong stand and custom gong mallet.

Gong - 22 inches in Diameter, 4 inch thick rim, total depth 6.5 inches including nipple.

Gong Stand:
50 inches tall, 49 inches wide at base, front to back about 9.5 inches at base.

This is a one of a kind gong stand MADE SPECIFICALLY for this gong.

The gong stand was made here in the United States (beacuase we have found that Thai Gongs are AMAZING, but the quality of wood that the gong makers use for their stands is not always up to our exacting standards. Which is fine, actually, because they are gong makers, not gong stand makers.

We used on our American Garuda Gong Stand high quality custom oak wood, with inlays of walnut that were given to us by a company that specializes in customizing the interiors of private jets.

So, you may ask, who or what is a Garuda?
Well it is a divinity in both Hindu and Buddhist religions. In the Buddhist legends, they are huge predatory birds with high intelligence. It has been mentioned in the places that they mention these things, that when a Garuda's wings flap, they can create cyclone level winds. You, a puny human being can hide in the feathers of a Garuda, and no one would see you. (NOT EVEN THE NSA!)

The Garudas are not lonely birds. They have a society, which includes bird-kings and bird-cities, and a few of them have the power to change into human form. Like their Greek and Roman counterparts, Garuda kings have had romantic liaisons with human women.

Why we love the Garuda also is that they are enemies to the Naga. In case you didn't know, the Naga are intelligent serpent/dragon beings. And the Garuda hunt those nasties.

Garuda is known for being how Vishnu gets around too. Travels on a cool giant bird when he wants to go via convertible.

Also, most importantly for the naming of this gong stand, did you know that Thailand uses the Garuda as its national symbol.

One form of the Garuda is used the sign of the royal family is called Khrut Pha, meaning "Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu.

Also, statues and images of Garuda adorned many Buddhist temples in Thailand, and it is the cultural symbol of Thailand.