9" Opera Gong

9" Opera Gong
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A man walks into a diner. The place looks pretty full. A waitress greets him at the door.

“Hello hun, come on in. We’re a little crowded, but there’s some space here at the counter.”

The man sits down and looks over the menu. The waitress fills his coffee cup.

“Do ya’ know what you might like? If you’re in a hurry, we got a mess o’ hash all ready to go, if that’s your bag, or I know back in the back they just put on a pile of saaauuuuuusssssssaaaaagggggeeee-”

Her voice slowed to a snail’s pace. In the back, the cook had just rung his 9” Opera Gong to let someone know they had an order up.

As the warbling, pitch-bent tone traveled from the kitchen to the man, it carried with it a suspension agent which nearly halted time. Globules of coffee seemed to hover in mid-air. Pens paused on order pads. The sound emanated in waves.

All the heads in the diner turned toward the sound in unison, just before the suspension caught them.
The diner became all diners.
The stories of each and every patron mingled and overlapped.
The menus of their lives, all ordered up.

Relationships in rough patches-

Relationships just beginning, headed toward a tragic ending-

Relationships in a lull, providing the opportunity for some reflection over professional obligations-

Or, similar reflection over dietary restrictions-

Though the tone sustained for quite some time, the suspension eventually lifted.

The man turned toward the counter to see his coffee cup full to the brim.

“I’ll have the blue plate special,” he said.

Then the man began to consider in great depth what the rest of the day may have in store for him.

* * *

The 9” Opera Gong provides you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to start your day off right.
Opening a window to contemplation of the intricate infinitude which comprises the complex tapestry of existence.

Set one up above your pancakes and treat yourself to a pitch-bending sunrise serenade.
We’ll pack a mallet with every gong so you’ve got everything you need to make your day a place for music with a glorious 9” Opera gong.


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