8.5" Opera Gong - SOLD OUT

8.5" Opera Gong - SOLD OUT
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This gong comes with a gong mallet.

Yes, when a child is this cute, like in the above photo, it is frightening. Very, very scary.

It is not sweet and delightful. No.

This much cuteness housed in a body this small is very powerful. See what it does to you. To prospective parents. To grandparents. It makes your melt, your brain turn to mush.

This sort of undiluted pure 100% cuteness, if placed in the hands of let's say, an evil dictator bent on world domination, this sort of cuteness could be used - if combined with lasers - to transfix a group of people into a state of submission and blithering.

Even just a nano-liter of this cuteness spread in chemtrails over a county, will make all the citizens forget about their disgust and resistance to the US government spying on emails and conversations.

If this photo was on your cellphone, you would happily allow the NSA to tap your phone. Heck, if this cute kid was an animated gif on your phone, you would call up the NSA yourself and beg them to listen in to your conversations.

THANKFULLY the Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited use this cuteness for good, not evil.

We merely want you to see how cute our 8 inch Opera Gong is. Because like attracts like, and so cute little boy attracting cute little gong makes total sense. Two cute things in one photo.


Chinese Opera Gongs are pitch-benders. Meaning you strike them the correct way, and their tone goes up - ASCENDS - or their tone goes down - DESCENDS. Most smaller Opera gongs, like this one, the note bends up.


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