8" Ma Gong on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

8" Ma Gong on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with the gong, gong stand, and mallet.


Gong Diameter: 8"
Gong Stand:
Height: 13.5"
Width: 13"
Depth: 3 1/8"

Sometimes you see a gorgeous child, a "super" model, a painting that inspires you, a vista in nature that makes you think, "It can't get any more beautiful than this. I can sense the Divine because of witnessing with my eyes this corporeal beauty!"

We guess you are experiencing the same awe now, having seen the 8 inch Ma Gong on our Pretty Chill Gong Stand.

You are stopped in your tracks: if seated in a chair, you cannot fidget. If you are looking on an iPad or tablet while commuting in a train, the brakes are screeching the whole train to a stop. If orbiting earth, you notice the Space Station is suddenly dropping like a meteor, burning up in your descent!

This is what the 8 inch Ma Gong does to you.

Say hello to the Divine with this gong.
It's like square dancing with the Virgin Mary.
It's like having Mohammed pose for you, so you can draw him correctly.
It's like being blessed by the lint in Buddha's bellybutton.

What can we say?
It's just what happened when we put the two things - gong and stand - together.

The Gong made of bronze. A circle. The Stand, made of wood, surrounding it with a strong embrace. Visual leading to sound.

The Pretty Chill Wood Gong Stand? A perfect blend of design and function. This is the sort of item, this dynamic, that students of architecture write the Doctoral Dissertations on.

Affluent folks have had this stand in their home for a weeks and suddenly decided to redesign their entire living space. You might not spend 300,000 dollars to redo your house after this gong combo sits on your table for a month, but you will feel like you could.

A beautiful gong that will engender beautiful feels. Time to add it to your life.