8" Ma Gong on Parallel Universe Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

8" Ma Gong on Parallel Universe Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! This comes with the gong, gong stand and gong mallet! Thanks.


Gong Diameter: 7"
Length at Top: 17"
Length at Base: 13"
Height: 20"
Width: 4"

In a parallel universe on Earth, the nice one, there are no dictators, and every picks up after themselves and washes their dishes.

Even the deserts are verdants and dogs not only get along with cats, they mate, and there are packs of "dats" and "cogs" that play catch with yarn balls, and look haughtily at people, for a moment, and then run up and lick us happily.

It is a parallel universe that is nonpareil.

It was in this parallel universe that Hitler invaded nation after nation... just to convert them to Judaism. And the millions chanted L'Chaim Hitler! And he gave them all really good Hanukah presents.

It was in this parallel universe that there was no Wall Street to Occupy, instead people understood money was just a flow of energy, like water, and so to be holding millions for yourself, you would fear drowning, and so you shared.

In this parallel universe, so nice it was, that they didn't have a word for rape, or slave, or racism. But they had 53 words to describe love. And while they did have the word Schadenfreude, it did not mean what it means here. It was a flavor of ice cream that reminded one of circus clowns and twinkly trapeze artists.

Such was that parallel universe that spawned this gong combo.