8" Chau Gong on Parallel Universe Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

8" Chau Gong on Parallel Universe Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! This comes with the gong, gong stand and gong mallet! Thanks.


Gong Diameter: 7"
Length at Top: 17"
Length at Base: 13"
Height: 20"
Width: 4"

Once, I was in this parallel universe, where polite discourse was considered foul and mean-spirited, a place listening to other's ideas and trying to understand them and accept, even if they did not agree with your ideas and values, was frowned upon as weak and unholy. It was a place called The Planet of Modern Politics and Religion.

It was an odd place because the people there did not understand they were all God's Children and so all sisters and brothers. They all just wanted to be right and powerful.

It was a parallel universe that was skewed.

Next: Russell Brand plays a gong!

The only thing that could straighten it was the playing of a gong, a sweet clear 8" Chau Gong. It was a beauty and lived happily on tables and desks and podiums. Some people even carried it in their backpacks when hiking so they could play it on the trail.

If you have ever been to this parallel universe of which I speak, you know that this gong is very helpful!