8" Chocolate Drop Gong

8" Chocolate Drop Gong
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Gongs Unlimited Price: $33.00
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Why, yes indeedy, this gong comes with a mallet! You can hear a demonstration of this gong!

Be Good, Gong Purchasers... Take a moment and look up at the picture at the top of the page for a moment please.

Usually with a picture like this, featuring a shiny object and an impassive stare, you might also hear some soothing music.

You hear underneath the music, barely audible, a calm voice intone: “You are getting kind of sleepy- not Ambien sleepy, but restful, peaceful... You are opening yourself to suggestion- Listen to the sound of my voice- Listen with at least 2/3rds of your entire being- Listen...AND YOU DO”

You listen, but you forget what happens next. You just do. You act like a chicken. You cut the head off a chicken. You order chicken tacos... whatever the anti-chicken faction told you to do...Well, here at Gongs Unlimited, we’re breaking with tradition. We don’t resort to hypnotic suggestion or subliminal tactics to sell our gongs(*). We let the gongs speak for themselves.

The gongs have many voices. This 8” Chocolate Drop gong, for instance sings with a luscious clarity as sweet as the confection from which it takes its name.

Hear the beautiful voice of the gong sing out full-throated. Hear it call your name.

Instead of bringing potato salad to your next picnic, bring an 8” Chocolate Drop gong. It’s very portable, and each one is packaged with a complimentary mallet.

Suppose you have a big presentation you’re giving at work. You need to command the room. Just give a couple taps on the 8” Chocolate Drop gong and it will be all eyes on you. Slide it right into your briefcase when you’re done.

Giving an 8” Chocolate Drop gong as a gift is also a great idea.

Otters love the 8” Chocolate Drop gong. So do ducks. Also tastes great on lamb. Not to mention ligers.

Never fear, the 8” Chocolate Drop gong has what you need. The sound that you’ve been listening for. The mallet to make it sing.

Get one of your very own. That’s all we’re asking. We’re not out to trick you. We’re showing you our hand. And our hand is the 8” Chocolate Drop gong. Thank you for your time.

(*Legal disclaimer: Please do not read the first letter of every paragraph in the above statement. Any and all consequences are unintentional and outside the boundaries of what is covered in the aforementioned discussion or the divorce settlement as agreed upon by the two Koreas, Germanys, Dakotas, and Sudans. Employees of Gongs Unlimited and their families are not eligible to apply.)


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