7" Wind Gong

7" Wind Gong
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This little Wind Gong comes with a small Chinese mallet!

The 7" Wind Gong is strikingly similar to its friends of 6" and 8".

With a clear tone, this gong will leave you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

No, this does not mean you will become a squirrel or a fox or even a bunny with a fluffy bun on its bum.

But you may feel a bit more calm inside and henceforth go outside where the busy-tailed creatures may feel more safe to come and sniff around beside you.

Once step closer to peace between all critters. That is what we hope gongs can do in you.

This little gong does not have a recording yet, but this little video of the 6" Wind Gong outside, will give you an idea of the sound of the 7" Wind Gong.