7" Ma Gong on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

7" Ma Gong on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with a gong, gong stand, and mallet.


Gong Diameter: 7"
Width: 13"
Depth: 3 1/8"

The Sunday Afternoon of gong stands has arrived. This gong stand, suitable for your small Chinese gong (6"-8"). Sit back and relax as the weekend winds down with this 7" Ma gong on a beautifully designed, light wood stand.

This gong stand is the result of a long collaborative effort between the design minds at Gongs Unlimited and a Chinese furniture maker. There's nothing more chill than a diplomatic, collaborative effort around the globe to bring you a lazy day gong stand for the end to your weekend.

What better gong for a Pretty Chill Gong stand than a Pretty chill gong? The 7" Ma Gong is clear and present, but not too intense. It's crisp and smooth, but not a punch in the face. It's cool and collected. It's chill... no, it's pretty chill.

Tomorrow might be Monday, but you've still got an afternoon full of gong playing, tapping away at this crisp, clear Ma gong on the most even keeled, mild mannered light wood gong stand around. Relax, you've got a Chinese Gong to make the most of your weekend. Kick back, you've got the perfect ambiance to get you through.

So on Monday, when you're wiping the sleep from your eyes in the break room, pouring another cup of coffee and your boss says, "How was your weekend?" You turn to him and say, confidently, "Pretty Chill."