7" Chau Gong on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

7" Chau Gong on the Pretty Chill Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with a gong, gong stand, and mallet.

Gong is 7 inches in diameter
Measurements of Gong Stand:
13.5" Tall
13" Wide
3 1/8" Deep

First off. Right below. This video. In the name of efficiency. Because you are a very efficient person. This is what the 7 inch Chau sounds like. It is just a recording. In person, in front of you, it sounds more incredible and amazing.

It is an efficient piece of bronze. Small but loud and clear. Nice work, 7 inch Chinese Chau Gong. You do a lot with a little.

"How efficient are we as a species?" the Malletheads ask you today.

Think of all the eggs a woman produces, but only yields a few children. (Mrs. Duggar being the exception these days.) Think of all the sperm a man produces, but only yields a few children. (Sperm donors being the exception.)

How much oil do we burn driving from home to school to mall? How much food do we eat to get our days done? How much waste in wars and politics and sports.

Bigger is better!- some have proclaimed. Merge and Acquire!-- others demand. Too Big to Fail! -- scream the poorly trained CEOs.

But how do all the huge intakes and sometimes huge outpourings... what do we do with all of them? What are we creating? Just a big slop pile, a slag heap, a giant landfill. And what are we giving back to the systems we take in?

When you look at it from the outside -- we seem pretty inefficient.


Maybe that is our saving grace. IF, we can relax a little, our efficiency could go up. Do More with Less.

JUST LIKE THIS 7 INCH CHAU GONG! You get more with less.

nice work, if you can get it, and be efficient.