7" Chau Gong

7" Chau Gong
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Hello everyone! It's me, your favorite gong salesman! Marzipan Mallethead... Filled with new memories and old jokes...

Do you all remember when the Sphinx came down from nearby outer space and riddled us Homo Sapiens this puzzle, "Why is 6 afraid of 7?"

And we all answered- "BECAUSE 7 ATE 9!"

Then the Sphinx got really mad because we got the answer so easily!
So it shut up and never spoke again?
Darn you Silent Sphinx!

Well now, we can all try to make the Sphinx talk again, or our pet cats, or next door ligers, through this simple device--the 7" Chau gong.

The 7" Chau gong possesses a simple bell-like tone which pierces the mists of history and induces a sense of victory over every man/lion/tiger hybrid we have met.

And please note, this video is just a sample, a reflection of how bright and strong this gong is in real life

The 7" Chau is a Chinese gong the music of which crosses the boundaries of space, time and mathematics to provide a sense of delight and inner peace, making it a perfect gift for your favorite very very manly man in your life, like Charles Bronson below...

And the next time you're hanging out with 7 and you see 9 coming don't forget to ask if he tipped his waiter!


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