7" Bao Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

7" Bao Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with a gong, gong stand and gong mallet!


Gong Diameter: 7"
Height: 15"
Witdh: 11"
Depth: 10"

This is a delightful little gong.
Which we are selling at a delightful little price.
A great gong for kids!

The Chinese Bao Style gong has a nipple in the center as it is their version of the Japanese nipple gongs.

You strike the nipple with the mallet for a clear clean gong tone. It is that simple.

This is a small desk sized gong. A gift sized gong. A small meditation sized gong.
This is a gong you can use in detention class. This is a gong that is fun in the tollbooth (phantom or otherwise). This is a gong that makes you remember what you did after your high school prom.
This is a gong that causes you to love your neighbor. This is a gong that lets you win at Bingo.
This is the gong that Thomas Edison heard when he invented the Light Bulb. After he invented that, he would have a light bulb go off over his head when he invented new things.

This is a fun gong to buy. If you only buy one gong today, let it be this one. If you buy two, let it be this one, and a really large gong!