6" Wind Gong on High C Gong Stand -"The shorty Love Combo"

6" Wind Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
6" Wind Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this is a combo - Gong, Gong Stand, and Mallet!


Gong Diameter: 6"
Height: 15"
Width: 11"
Depth: 10"

Now Shorty in slang, used to mean some new young guy to the game, some new kid on the corner selling crack, preteen gang member, or a new rapper who was trying to break in,

but then it slipped and twisted and flipped, as all you homies know, and became about a fine looking woman, a short girl maybe young and cute.

But the Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited, we want to twist that word Shorty again
and put it on its head and spin and take the whole shorty meaning away from the ladies and put it on a new thang...something that is truly short... and lovable... alien folks...

Yep, Yoda and E.T. are our shorties, and they be in love spectacular...

And you could be in love galacticular yourself, when you get a hold of our 6 inch Shorty Love Gong Combo

Strike this gong and you'll feel like Spielberg and Lucas are kissing your ears at the same time.