6" Wind Gong

6" Wind Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet.

Truths my mother told me:

Chicken soup is good for what ails you.

It is very difficult to play the violin with only one arm.

There is wind in outer space.

And perhaps her most chilling bedtime prayer...

When you stare into the void- the void stares back.

All of this by way of me illustrating - great leaders lead by imparting Truth to those who follow them.

But oftentimes in order to open our ears and minds to Truth- a signal must be given. The 6" Wind gong is an ideal instrument for sending such a signal.

Behold the image at the top of this webpage- in which a broad-shouldered leader prepares to march into the buffeting cosmic winds- his trusty 6" Chinese Wind gong at the ready. (Not shown: The regimented hordes, bellies full of chicken soup, ready to follow him into the breach and points beyond.)

The 6" Wind gong produces a clear, melodious bell tone making it perfect for piercing the void.

It has been proven suitable for leaders of every stripe including classroom teachers. School-age children find the tone of 6" Wind gong quite entrancing and approachable. (Approachability- a great quality in a leader- and a gong.)

Let's give the little leaders of tomorrow a leg-up by giving them a 6" Wind gong. That's a Truth they can take home to Mother and her Void. Verily then, the Student will become the Master.

BONUS KNOWLEDGE: Unlike the violin, the 6" Wind gong can be easily played by persons with only one arm- provided it is set up on an affordable gong stand (sold separately).

See below for a textbook example of what happens to the little guys when leadership does not walk softly and carry a 6" Wind gong...

A frustrated leader from a country that may or may not speak French, "If this were a 6" Wind Gong, leadership would be so much more portable, and thus, easier."


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