Imperfect 6.5" Hanging Temple Bowls - FREE SHIPPING

Imperfect 6.5" Hanging Temple Bowls - FREE SHIPPING
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Imperfect 6.5 inch Hangar: 
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Yes these Imperfect Hanging Temple Bowls come with a Mallet !

Built to hang and be struck, they are NOT chimes, the wind will not create noise with them, these are Black Ching Bowls that had a slight sizzle sound from imperfect manufacture.

Because of that they were not perfect for meditation, but they are fun for hanging in a room or outside.

What we did was drill a hole in the bottom of the bowl and then put a washer in there and a hanging rope! Some still sizzle a little but they are fun to have around.

Normally this size is 79 dollars plus 15 shipping to cost 94 USD, You can get these for 52 each! A lot less!