6" Alok Om Singing Bowl

6" Alok Om Singing Bowl
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This bowl comes with a pillow and a mallet.

Bowl Approximate Measurements:

Bowl Diameter: 6 " / 15.25 cm
Bowl Weight: 2 lbs 6 oz / 1kg 10 g

Look inside this bowl and you see the OM. The AUM. The OHM.
It is a dark colored bowl, black, yet within this bowl, you can see the Divine. That is why we call this the ALOK OM SINGING BOWL

Alok is the Hindi word for Bright, Lightness, Vision.

Even in the darkness of your path, the night of your life, you can always find guiding light if you tune into the Divine Forces. Call to God. Meditate. Pray.

Even if you cannot see God for all you think you see is darkness, God is there for you. Call to him with sound and prayer and soon you will see the Light.