44" Chau Gong on the Vietnamese Bamboo Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

44" Chau Gong on the Vietnamese Bamboo Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with the gong, the gong stand and a gong mallet

44" diameter
Gong Stand Measurements (Approx):
72" tall
Top Bar: 68" wide
Foot: 27 1/2" deep

44" Chau Gong:

Chinese officials and royalties of generations ago used the CHAU GONG to announce their presence when traveling on their roads with their retinues. (Nowadays we would call their retinues, their posses, or their staff.)

Now when two retinues ran into each other on the Chinese road, each would have a Chau Gong. And they would bang it for the other. It was a set number of times that they would strike the gong, as it declared the rank of the official. So if two officials approached each other, they would know who should bow to the other and get off the road to allow the other to pass.

Bamboo Gong Stand:


Well Mom and Dad....there are many many species of bamboo, and they grow much faster than tress. Some bamboo plants can grow up to a yard - meter - in a single day. Bamboo reaches its full size within 3 to 4 months, and within 3 to 7 years the stalk hardens enough for use in construction.

Bamboo grows in many climates and is native to most of the world. And this is cool, Mom and Dad - because bamboo is a grass, it does NOY require replanting.

Bamboo also absorbs more than two times the carbon dioxide that trees do and generates 35 percent more oxygen, making bamboo growing more important due to global deforestation.

Bamboo also rocks against soil erosion, uses less water than trees, keeps water in watersheds, and helps lower water pollution due to its high consumption of nitrogen and tendency to absorb pollutants like heavy metals.

Damn Bamboo! That be incredible! Right, Mom and Dad! Why would you use a tree ever again, now that you know what bamboo, can do, for you?

Not to say Bamboo is perfect. I mean to be serious for a sec, we got Pandas, don't think about it, but we do. Most commercially-grown bamboo is grown in Asia, where like next to zero regulations preserve their forests.

Should demand increase too much, bamboo growers may push deeper into surrounding forests, depleting the already-dwindling habitats of threatened or endangered species.

Not to mention that Bamboo accounts for 99 percent of the giant panda’s diet. 99 per cent. Damn Pandas! Stick with what you like.