40" Subatomic Gong on Astral Reflection Gong Stand - SOLD OUT

40" Subatomic Gong on Astral Reflection Gong Stand - SOLD OUT
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This combination comes with Gong, Gong Stand and Gong Mallet.
This lightweight gong stand has wheels that lock.

Gong Stand
Height : 54 1/2
Width : 50
Depth : 24
Inside Width: 48"
Inside Height: 52"

Humans have always had futuristic dreams of a world that is utilitarian, modern, clean, and, of course, chrome plated.

Aspects of the current society fit that mold, however, along with the conveniences of modern life comes us - a fast-paced, endlessly tasked populous.

We live in a stressful age; if we are on the go, why shouldn't our gongs be able to follow us?

This is the gong stand of the future!
A stand that glides, that goes with the flow: it has locking wheels giving the gong an option to find stillness or be on the move. The Astral Reflection Gong Stand is for busy individuals or organizations who wish to share the reverberations of their gong with others in offices, yoga studios, high schools, or anywhere else people move and change and evolve quickly within our post-modern societal flow.

Here is a video showing the difference between the traditional Chau gong and the Subatomic gong at the 40 inch size.