SOLD OUT 40" Chau Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Pro Stand (TMGS-2)

SOLD OUT 40" Chau Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Pro Stand (TMGS-2)
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This listing includes the gong, professional stand, and mallet!

Gong Diameter: 40"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Width of Base: 32"
Depth of Feet: 25"
Adjustable Height: 45" - 75"
The gong hangs about 14" from back pole


The 40" Chau Gong:

Yes, it is normal if you are trembling a bit right now.

These gongs are large, heavy beasts with as much loving reverberation as a belly laugh from Buddha, Santa, Ganesha or any other big-bellied deity or family member you adore!

We're working on getting a sound file for the 40" Chau. Until then you can always set up an appointment to call and listen. Give us a call at 402-474-GONG (4664).

Also note, the 40" Chau is massive, so it will ship via freight.

The Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Pro Stand:

The Pro Stand features an impressive reinforced base and thicker, wider metal!

It is more strong and more heavy than the the regular Meinl Stand, so we recommend it for those gongs that are from 36 inches to 44 inches in diameter.

The great thing about the Meinl Gong Stand is that you can adjust the height - lower it towards the floor and sit when you play - or raise it up and stand when you play. Also if you have other gongs, you can put this on this stand as well. It can hold many sizes of gongs.