Reverberations #3 - NASA Voyager's Music, Dr. Mitch Gaynor and the Healing Bowls

Reverberations #3 - NASA Voyager's Music,  Dr. Mitch Gaynor and the Healing Bowls
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Hello and welcome the third issue of Reverberations, the newsletter from Gongs Unlimited. We apologize for the long delay since our last issue, but we’ve been busier than the only mallet at a Convention of Hyperactive Coffee-Swilling Vibraphonists.

In this issue we share with you– as we always do - two topics:

1st Topic:
Excerpt from “A Review of the NASA Voyager’s Music Selections” by Xirgish Opto, an Extraterrestrial Music Critic who resides on the 10th Planet of our Solar System.



2nd Topic:
Soul Oncologist – Dr. Mitch Gaynor and his Healing Work with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Quartz Bowls

Excerpt from Xirgish Opto’s “Review of Voyager’s Music”

This is an actual translation and transcription of an extraterrestrial music review.

Prick up your Antennae! Sounds are passing through our orbit. From Earth no less!

Did you know that in their accepted calendar year of 1977, Earth scientists took a couple of their metal toys, Voyager 1 and 2, and gave them a punishment so extreme, it makes me wonder if the NASA Space Geeks thought they were Space Greeks. Greek Gods, that is, and that their humid Houston was mythical Mount Olympus.

What did they do? They banished Voyager 1 and 2 out of the solar system! “Get thee hence and never return!” shouted the Scientistas, who strutted about in short polyester togas they tucked in their pantaloons.

Okay, perhaps I am Zeusopomorphizing the event. Those crazy Earth kids just pushed the Voyagers out into space, using those cylindrical pieces of metal they stuff with fuel that explodes. (I know, I know. It always brings a chuckle, all the work they do to get something so small off their planet. It seems as crazy as relieving your constipation by backing up to a black hole!)

But, lo and behold! Now these two little Voyagers have gone further from Earth than any thing since Sun Ra took that wrong turn in his Pontiac and ended up in the Alpha Centauri system.

From what I can gather from my research, it seems the Earth time, the 1970’s, when the two Voyagers were built, was a very hungover time on Earth. Most of the people-units in the corporation called America were either stoned from marijuana or had a contact high from sitting near potheads at a donut shop. This mass inebriation made it easier for the people-units to accept the fact that there was life out here. In fact, they not only accepted that fact, they wanted to meet us!!! Invite us over to eat fondue. (I know, they think fondue is a food, rather than what it really is: the sleeping larvae of a highly evolved species. Wait ‘til those babies wake up in a few years! Talk about stomach aches!)

So because the Earthlings were way into us non-Earthlings then, these Voyager toys carry a big hello from Earth to… us! Both Voyagers have naked pictures of humans. Hoo-hee! Out of control these people-units were. Two flying chunks of metal basically saying, “Hey there, sexy alien, what’s your sign?” Yep, these Voyagers are out here Looking for Mr. Goodplanet. I’m surprised they don’t have that old pick-up line on them too, “You must be really tired, because you been orbiting my mind all day…”

Now, oddly enough, these backward Earthlings make some good music. Earth music is four dimensional of course, so its simple and only flows one direction in time, yet some of it is still antennae-swinging, pod-tapping good.

How do I know? Well, the space geeks of NASA sent a “gold record” on their Voyagers. A 12-inch gold-plated disk containing sounds and images that not only portray the diversity of life on the little water bubble, but ALSO musical selections!

I will now bloviate regarding the selections…


… who is to say a trombone should not sound like this? Not the pit bull into whose rectum the horn must’ve been inserted, that’s for sure. But enough about this Bach fellow.

The next selection is my favorite. I have to say of this piece, it is the only Earth Music that comes close to approximating anything of our planet’s majestic music.

It is from a place on Earth called Java (the country I assume where they grow and harvest the same-named programming language) and it is a musical style called Gamelan. The title of this piece is Kinds of Flowers.

In Gamelan, the humans play metal percussive objects, named GONGS. The performers play many of them at once, and build a polyrhythmic structure that is both melodic and trance inducing.

Gamelan is the only Earth music that I, esteemed music critic Xirgish Opto, heard on this entire Voyager disk that you or I could tap our any of our fifteen flagella to. It is the only Earth music that is able to cause a healing synchrony in any of our seven brains’ etheric lobes. It is the only Earth music that you will say is worthy of assimilating into your soul patch since Jocko Homo by Devo. (Though I don’t know if Devo qualifies as Earth Music, as those band-fellows are not from Earth, just living there while their house is being remodeled on Neptune.)

Upon research, I was much surprised to discover that Gamelan music isn’t hugely popular all over the watery planet. But then again at this point on the Earth Timeline, so many of their people-units are corporate-modeled, so their owner-priests control the dissemination of sounds. It is obvious that this gamelan music is of a time before Earthlings allowed commodification of their dendrites. Its trance-inducing motifs could allow psycho-spiritual states that are not easily controllable by their corporate owners.

Fellow Opticonians! I urge you to put on your zero-g gravscoots and head out to the space toy that is called Voyager and have a sonic absorption of it before the Earth debris hurtles past us to the space desert. It is worth the experience in four dimensional music.

Now onto this next song, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. I don’t know why but it just made me want to videotape females urinating.


While the Malletheads may not agree with all of Xirgish’s thoughts, we do agree with one. Get yourself some great gamelan music and listen, then dance, and clean out the same old noise in your mind, body, and soul.

The Malletheads while loving gongs, also done love us some Tibetan Singing Bowls too. And this is a piece about how they can be used to help you, loved ones, or clients create some miraculous healings.

Soul Oncologist – Mitch Gaynor helps people heal themselves of cancer and other diseases like it

Cancer. I think we all can agree: it sucks. Even if you asked a CEO of a pharmaceutical company earning billions of US Dollars on cancer drugs what he thought of cancer, he or she would most likely say, “It sucks. (then, greedily rubbing hands together) but profitable, yes, yes, oh, so profitable! (then, sober) But yes, it sucks.”

Cancer. Its varieties are many. Its causes are many. Its cures are few. And most of the time, the cures are just virulent poisons, crazy baldhead cancercides that kill a lot of other stuff in your body on the way to getting those cancer cells.

But you know what the funny thing is about us saying “Cancer Sucks?” We judge it.

And you know what happens when we judge something? We push it away. That thing we judged is bad. It’s not us. We deny it. So we look away when we see people suffering with it. Or we pity them. Oh, it’s horrible, that cancer stuff you have. Or we resist it and say, “Not to me, not to me.”

The bulk of us don’t want to deal with things- like cancer - that we judge negatively. Why? Because we don’t want to – or don’t know how to - look closely at that which we’re really judging: the deeper level of hopelessness, anger, self-hatred, terror and lots of other funky painful stuff that gets dredged up. And so we just go “Ick! Bad!” and think about pretty shoes and sports teams and having carnal relations with that good-smelling temp who sits two cubicles over.

But the funny thing is if we can acknowledge the actual pain that caused the disease in the first place, and we can come to terms with it being there then we wouldn’t judge it, and we could examine and heal the disease from a spiritual perspective as well, which would aid the medical treatment.

You see, here’s the punch line. Dr. Mitch Gaynor has learned in the course of his medical and healing practice, from being open to the many gifts that God has put in his healing path, that a lot of this cancer stuff, you know all these metastasizing thingamajigs, are actually created – on a deep level - by us! Created by pain, our own denial of events that caused us pain, be it psychological, emotional, and/or spiritual.

No wait. Here’s the punch line. If you can heal some of that deep unconscious pain, miraculous physical healings can occur too.

Chill, chill, chill empiricists and skeptics! Don’t worry, the Malletheads aren’t about to spit out a bunch of New Age platitudes on you, nor are we saying don’t go to the Dr. Allopathic and get yourself some crazy baldhead cancercide. The Malletheads know that there is a lot of denial in that new Age game too, not to mention moldy Birkenstocks, nor are we negating or denying the influences of genetics, or our toxic environment and diet – yes, these things help cause disease as well!

But all we ask is you to meditate on this:

Not everyone who has the colon cancer gene gets it. Not everyone who lived near a Superfund site wakes up with leukemia. Not everyone who smoked Marlboros dies of lung cancer; and on the flip side, people who’ve never smoked get lung cancer.

We are Spirit first; and then we are spirits who have bodies. But disease commences on a spiritual level before it manifests on a physical level. We will repeat for the people in the back: a disease commences on a spiritual level before it manifests on a physical level.

So to truly heal a disease in the body, you need to heal the soul.

Dr. Mitch Gaynor not only helps heal bodies, he helps heal souls. And when that happens, he helps his patients create remarkable recoveries and remissions.

Dr. Gaynor is a highly trained oncologist who works in New York City. He works using Western treatments for diseases. Yep, he can write illegible prescriptions for mean-ass pills with the best of them. He has a lot of “street cred” with the sheepskin crowd.

However, Dr. Gaynor is also a sensitive healer, aware that his patient’s diseases often have causes that stem from pain inside the person. He uses meditation and visualization in combination with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Quartz Crystal Bowls to help people heal.

Inspired by remarkable recoveries of some his patients who were also seeing spiritual healers, Dr. Gaynor began working with guided imagery and meditation. But it was experience he had with a Tibetan Monk who was dying that led him to Tibetan Bowls.

This compassionate monk, who was never really able to heal the pain in his heart chakra about being sent to orphanage as a child, and of being an exile from his homeland, had developed a disease that required a heart transplant. (Yes, sometimes it is that clear a connection!) A relationship developed between doctor and monk-patient, and gave brought Dr. Gaynor a new tool – the Tibetan Singing Bowl - that helped him achieve an inner peace and calm that he had not been able to reach before.

After much practice, Dr. Gaynor now uses Tibetan Bowls and specific-tone quartz bowls to get his patients to “tune” into themselves and heal their pain.

People often point out how “disease” shows that you are out of “ease.” After reading Dr. Gaynor’s book THE HEALING POWER OF SOUND: RECOVERING FROM LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESS USING SOUND VOICE AND MUSIC I would think that we may want to call disease “distune” instead, for where we are ill needs to get back in tune. (Note: We provide a direct link to his book at the end of the newsletter.)

Of course, let’s be clear, just playing a singing bowl doesn’t pop out all the malignant tumors and seal them up in a Ziploc bag for freezing and fine dining later. Dr. Gaynor has incorporated a lot of voice, toning and breathing techniques from mystic traditions as well as tested modern scientific knowledge to help his patients heal with the bowls He is convinced – and is very convincing in his tome - that healing with sound will soon be accepted as vital and important as the use of guided imagery.

In his book, he introduces us to many of the researchers and healers who are working with sound to help with surgery, hospice work, and healing. There is a strong body of evidence – scientific and experiential – that is very compelling. If you are into this stuff, I dare you to make it through the book without chanting! Dare you!

It is all very inspiring and thought provoking, and maybe it will give you a direction in your healing work helping yourself or others.

Dr. Gaynor uses sound to help his patients address the emotional or spiritual pain they have been carrying, denied and judged inside of them, that helped create the disease.

He has learned that they have to get to the root cause of the disease and get back in tune with their healthful essence. And what we see in his examples is that the body and mind have stored these unconscious pains, and they have helped as the spiritual causes of these illnesses.

Dr. Gaynor provides many examples of patients and their personal anguishes and recoveries in his book, but I think you could refer to most of them as “judgments against one’s self.” (Hey! Judgment… we were just talking about that at the beginning of this topic.)

These judgments usually (but not always) commence in childhood and are never healed fully. They start with an emotional or psychological pain – “I’m not good enough… I’m not deserving of love… I need to prove to the world I am better than this person… It’s my fault this person is sick,” etc. Sure, you “get over” some of them – but really all that “getting over it” means most of the time is that we push the pain under our consciousness and ignore it. We go on with our lives, like amputated soldiers or ballerinas with arthritis. It’s cool. Just overeat or smoke or take drugs or get into bad relationships or – they keep you busy.

However, the interesting thing here is, if you consider it for a moment, that judgment is born of some pain – physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual – and most cancers and similar diseases involve a lot of pain, you might begin to see a connection. Pain begets pain. (For those of you that are native French speakers, that last sentence has nothing to do with baguettes.)

Take a look at what happens over time. The first painful event soon gets pushed down out of our consciousness and covered up. But soon we experience other painful events and thoughts – even as mundane as “I didn’t get the ice cream I wanted” – and they start getting stored on top of it, even if they aren’t obviously related, your subconscious puts them together, “I didn’t get the ice cream I wanted BECAUSE I’m not good enough… BECAUSE I’m not deserving of love…BECAUSE I couldn’t keep my parents from getting divorced, BECAUSE God is punishing me, etc.”

Eventually you have a nice chunk of pain, with many layers. And you don’t realize it, but you have very robotic responses to avoid it, or some people get addictions, or down happy pills to quell it. When you think about it though, that unconscious pain has already limited your life a good deal before it manifests as a disease and puts a limit to your life.

It’s been shown by physics that we are energy. We are vibration. Inside of each of us, we are different levels of vibrations. Some parts of us are higher; some are lower. The parts of you in pain are lower; they don’t vibrate as high as the rest of you. The chunk of pain can’t receive the light and higher healing vibrations. Those parts of you in pain, well they either need to get healed, or they take down the rest of you.

But not that hard. Not with sound healing in combination with a willingness to get conscious about the unconscious pain you have. Being able to address the emotions, the psychological and spiritual elements that were causes of the pain and your reaction to it.

It’s really quite mechanical on one level. The healing vibrations of sound and your intent to release the non-vibrating pain can help create miraculous healings. (And once again, we are not recommending buying a Singing Bowl (OR Gong) as a replacement to anything the AMA or large pharmaceutical companies offer in terms of cancercides. Neither is Dr. Gaynor. This is just another level to healing. )

And for those of you who wonder about the sweet children who manifest cancer so early in their lives, remember, as spirits we choose many events to learn and heal others with our learning. It doesn’t always have to be about years of denied pain. (Sometimes it’s lifetimes…)

BUT miraculous healings can happen and do happen. People can live longer than their prognosis. Nothing is a panacea, but the use of singing and quartz bowls and all the other sound and other techniques that Dr. Gaynor discusses are great healing tools.

And hey, just like the Gongaliers of Venizia say, “You don’t-a have-ta wait until you are illin’ to heal-a yourself! Catch-a the unconscious-ah pain-a and a-judgments you have now, that could manifest as a disease, a-later! Lalalalaaaaa.“

The Malletheads agree. (Silly us!) You might find along the path of healing yourself that you free up your blocks to experiencing joy and success and abilities you forgot or didn’t know you had.

And Dr. Gaynor has his own website While not as informative as his book, you can locate some valuable information about his practice there.