36" Wind Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand

36" Wind Gong on Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand
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This combo comes with Gong, Gong Stand and Gong Mallet.

Gong : 36”
Gong Stand
Height : 55” to 61”
Width : 44”
Depth : 30”

Day 22:
The blood of his enemies stinging in his eyes kept him awake.

Rambo continues to hunt. The battle is gurgling to an end, the Shadow Government almost out of cronies to send after the fearsome warrior.

Why haven’t they learned yet, Rambo wondered, that death has found favor with their side and not his?

22 days of this game.

The Shadow Government thought they’d be able to steal a national heirloom, the Gongs Unlimited 36 inch Wind Gong, from the MOMA and sell it on the black market.

That this would be an afternoon of easy work with an enormous paycheck.

But Rambo had other plans. Perhaps it was his instinctual passion for the finer things, perhaps it was about the potential absence of the gong in future lives, but Rambo came.

Scaling the side of the Shadow Government’s National Underground Castle, Rambo finally felt the ache of war catching up. His skin seemed to no longer add cushion, bringing raw pains to his very bone.

He continued to climb, hearing the tone of the wind gong resonating from the highest turret without being struck.
It needed his help.

Rambo jumped through the turret window, ready to kick the ass of any man with one. But only one figure stood next to the stolen gong.

It was the rotund and evil General Solder, the malicious overlord of the Shadow Government. His face, covered in scars from the times Rambo shot at him and the bullets hit his face, but not like, straight on, glistened into the underground moonlight.

“Oh, woah, hey dude,” Solder said. “I was just packing up this gong to mail back to the MOMA but I was weighing it first to figure out shipping charges with Fedex.”

“Aaaahh!” Rambo yelled in disagreement.

Grabbing the included mallet hanging from the gong’s Rambo Rimbaud stand, Rambo hit the gong with the incredible intensity his muscular, flexible frame allowed.

“Ow! The traditional tone is gorgeous! Ah, ow!” the General yelled as the incredible sound waves caused his body fat to ripple and go out of control.

Rambo grabbed the gong and tomahawk-style threw it upward from the turret’s window.

The gong sliced through the layers of the Earth, exploding from the surface and curving in a high arc, landing in a large pile of pillows Rambo had thoughtfully left in the MOMA’s parking lot.


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