36" Subatomic Gong

36" Subatomic Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet.

The Subatomic is custom made for Gongs Unlimited. We designed it with a Chinese Gongmaker.

We find it has a bit more intensity and flavor than the traditional Chau gong. In the same way that a sitar has a bit more pizazz that a regular acoustic six string guitar.

The Subatomic Gong has a propensity to create sounds that are great for healers in that the frequency it creates is great to help with energies that you or your client might not want to look at, or acknowledge, yet needs to move.

The Subatomic can often create notes unlike other gongs.

Here is a video showing the difference between the traditional Chau gong and the Subatomic gong at the 36 inch size.


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