36" Mother Tesla Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Wood Stand (TMWGS-L) - SOLD OUT

36" Mother Tesla Gong on the Meinl Gong/Tam Tam Wood Stand (TMWGS-L) - SOLD OUT
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Yes, this comes with the gong, the gong stand and a gong mallet.

The Meinl Wood Stand:

Height - 56 inches
Total Width - 49 inches
Interior Width, between verticals - 45 inches
Foot Depth - 23.5 inches
36 " diameter

The 36" Mother Tesla Gong:

The Mother Tesla gong is an unlathed Chinese Bronze Gong. Made similarly to the Chau Gong, in this case the gong makers do not peel off the outside layer of bronze to make it shinier. In this manner, the gong does not crash or splash or get into a wash of tones as readily as any of the other gongs that are shiny, like the Chocolate Drop, or Wind Gong, Subatomic etc.

So not only is its look very mystical and deep, so is its sound. It doesn't like to crash. It is good for being meditative or keeping the mood profound.

Some older videos show you how this amazing gong sounds. HOWEVER, please note in REAL LIFE, when you are standing by the gong, it is much deeper and more comprehensive in its tone. These are samples.

Please, call us if you would like to listen to this fantastic gong. We are happy to play them for you so that you can experience the deep, unconditional, inexpressible, thundering love that a Mother Tesla gong has to offer.

She has always loved you. Get ready to love her back!

The Meinl Wood Gong Stand:

The Meinl Wood Gong Stand is made from strong but light Birch Wood.

It is made of three pieces, the two verticals and the top horizontal piece that all slide together, no tools needed. It is easy to take apart and travel with.

FROM A RECENT CUSTOMER: "...in case you are wondering... the Meinl Wooden Stand is very sturdy for my 32 inch gong, and for the way I play the gong. It is a slightly more cumbersome than carrying the C-stand but it more than makes up for that in structure and solid foundation. No loose wing-nuts or worries of tipping over! Thanks."