36" Meinl Sonic Energy Flower of Life Gong on Meinl Metal Stand (G36-FOL/TMGS-2) - SOLD OUT

36" Meinl Sonic Energy Flower of Life Gong on Meinl Metal Stand (G36-FOL/TMGS-2) - SOLD OUT
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PLEASE NOTE: This gong and stand combination does not include a gong mallet.

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Via Gongs Unlimited: This is a fascinating and great gong for healing. We are very impressed with this instrument.

Via Meinl:

"The Flower of Life tuning represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry. The collaboration of numbers, shapes, and vibration belongs to the oldest myths of mankind. It is the strive to connect with our origin and to understand oneself. The frequencies of the Flower of Life Collection is one step on the journey to this goal."

36" / 91cm
64 Hz / C2

A4/a' 440 Hz → 430.54 Hz

Gong Stand Measurements:
Base is 32" wide
Feet are 25" deep
The gong hangs about 14" from back pole.

Gongs up to 40" in diameter can be hung from this great stand! THIS IS THE HEAVY DUTY METAL STAND THAT IS USED TO CREATE THE DOUBLE MEINL STAND.

You can adjust the height! You can get the hanger down to approximately 45" and up to approximately 75" high off the ground.

From the makers of Meinl Gongs, a.k.a. tam-tams, comes a great, solid and smooth gong stand for all your playing needs.

We love this MEINL GONG STAND!

It is heavy duty and well made.

It doesn't make noise from the pieces banging each others... but please remember to tighten the bolts firmly, Mr. and Mrs. Gong Player of Any Orchestra USA.

Via Meinl:

"The MEINL Gong/Tam Tam Stand is engineered in a strong frameless manner, in order for one to play a Gong or Tam Tam very easily. Furthermore the stand can be adjusted in height from a very low position up to a high position."